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The Future Starts at Zero

Empowering students with critical climate education and resources, the Mission Zero Foundation converges education, innovation, and community action to create a zero-emission tomorrow.

Be the change — join us in shaping a sustainable, thriving planet

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Fall 2024 Semester

Shape the Future: Join Our Fall 2024 Climate Mission

This fall, embark on a journey that matters. We’re seeking passionate interns and volunteers ready to tackle climate change head-on. This is your chance to be part of a dedicated team making real-world impacts. Together, we can drive positive action for our planet.

Volunteers Needed

Join the race to save our planet.  Become a Mission Zero volunteer and help organize events and support our mission.

Changing Skies

Where Creative Writing Meets Climate Awareness

“Changing Skies” stands as a cornerstone project of HINDSIGHT, the esteemed publication of creative nonfiction by the University of Colorado Boulder’s Program for Writing and Rhetoric. This innovative initiative bridges the gap between academic exploration and artistic expression, offering a unique platform for students to delve into the complexities of climate change through the lens of creative nonfiction.

Vol. I: 2022

Vol. II: 2023

Sign the Fossil Free CU Petition

“As a CU Boulder alumnus, I’m deeply concerned about our university’s slow progress in decarbonization compared to other Colorado institutions. It’s disappointing to witness my alma mater not fully embracing its potential as a leader not only in climate research, but also leading in the transition to a carbon zero institution.

This lag not only contradicts our values but also undermines our reputation and legacy. I urge fellow alumni, students, faculty, and community members to join in demanding rapid and transparent climate action, ensuring CU Boulder truly leads by example in tackling the climate crisis.”

– Scott King, Executive Director, Mission Zero

Petition Signatures
Signature Goal

Signed Petitions

Kazemi Adachi, Graduate student, Physics
Hannah Ahders, JD Candidate, Law
Arturo Aldama, Associate Professor, ETHN
Elizabeth Allan-Cole, Graduate Student, Chemical Engineering
Kyle Allison, Student
Imanol Amundarain, Student
S. James Anaya, Professor, Law School
Daniel Anderson, Student, Law
Lindsey Anderson, Graduate student, Chemistry
Thomas Andrews, Professor, History
Virginia Arnette, Alumni
Hugo Arreola, Staff
Adam Auerbach, Graduate Student, MENV
Natalie Avalos, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies
Moss Axiom, Student, Philosophy
Jacob Baca, Student
Rebecca Baiman, Student
Kyri Baker, Faculty
Charles Bangs, Student, ENVS
Van Baronofsky, Student
Caleb Batts, Student
Arnaldo Bayona, Student
Joseph Belcher, Student
Douglas Beltman, Student
Chris Bentley, Donor, Community Member
Tracy Berger, Former Staff
Frank Bergh, Graduate Student, ECEN, MCGER
Adora Bertero, Law Student
Caroline Bessette, PhD student, CEAE
Tony Beum, Student
Jenna Blatchford, Student, Engineering
Toby Blauwasser, Alumni, MBA 1994
Maya Bliss, Student
Aidan Bodeo-Lomicky, Law Student
Adrienne Bond, Student
Mariah Bowman, Law Student
Tiffany Boyd, Alumni, MEd 1992
Max Boykoff, Professor, ENVS
Lianne Brito, PhD Candidate, CEAE
Jed Brown, Associate Professor, Computer Science
Janice Brown, Community member
Brandon Brown, Student, ENVS, GEOG, Sustainable Solutions Challenge 2023
Hilary Brumberg, PhD student, ENVS
Joe Bryan, Associate Professor, Geography
Andrew Buggee, PhD candidate
Jennalie Burroughs, ATOC student
Jonathan Burton, Student
Angela Calo, Staff
Darcy Campbell, Alumni
Noah Campbell, Alumni
Eryn Cangi, Research Scientist, LASP
Blair Carpenter, Student
Julie Carr, Professor, English, Chair, WGST
Lucie Carriker, Student
Katherine Carter, Student, Law
Chemaine Chandler, Staff
Caitlin Charlet, Associate Teaching Professor, ENVD
Robert Chase, Alumni
Genevieve Clow, Graduate Student, ATOC
Alejandro Abarca Colina, Alumni
Warren Cook, PhD Candidate, COMM
Dustin Cook, Alumni
Joel Correia, Alumni
Carter Cratty, Student
Hayley Creegan, Student
Robert Crifasi, Alumni 1981, 1988, 1996
A.J. Cuddeback, PhD student, Aerospace Engineering
Elsa Culler, Staff/Alumni CIRES
Paul Culnan, Alumni 1973, community member
Canyon Cutone, Student, ENVS, CUSG Legislative Council
Caitlin Dacus, Student, Editor in Chief, University of Colorado Law Review
Shideh Dashti, Associate Professor, CEAE
Kate Davern, Student
Casey Davis, graduate student
Douglas Day, Research Scientist, CIRES/Chemistry
Elyse DeBarros, Student, Mechanical Engineering
Laura DeLuca, Teaching Assistant Professor
John Denton, Student, Astrophysics
Grace Detwiler, Student, Law
Jessica DiCarlo, Alumni, PhD 2021
Pete Dignan, Adjunct Instuctor, Leeds
Jake Dionne, Alumnus
Bri Dobson, PhD Candidate, Chemistry
Dylan Dodds, student
Jason Domin, Graduate Student, CMCI
Jacob Dyck, student
Maria Echeverria, Staff
Samuel Echeverry-Paredes, student, ECON
Lucas Elek, Student, Law
Erin Espelie, Associate Professor, Cinema Studies and the Moving Image Arts
Max Feinland, Student, Aerospace Engineering
Jeanette Felmlee-Gartner, Student
Denise Fernandes, PhD Candidate, ENVS
Jules Fischer-White, Student
Jolene Fisher, Associate Professor, Associate Chair, APRD
Sarah Fitzpatrick, Student, ENVD
Sara Fleming, Graduate student, Geography
Josh Forstadt, Student
Morgan Fritzler, Student, Co-Chair of the Environmental Board
Emma Galofré García, PhD student, ENVS
Brontë Gassner, Student
Holly Gayley, Associate Professor, Religious Studies
Chandler Gebhardt, Student
Noah Gershon, PhD Student, Civil Engineering
Ari Gibson, Community member
Asaiah Gifford, Student, Mechanical Engineering
Ash Gilbert, Graduate Student, ATOC
Kaiden Ginther, Student
Leslie Glustrom, community member
Mara Goldman, Associate Professor, Geography
Constance Gordon, Alumnus, PhD
Ganesh Gorti, PhD Candidate, Political Science
Daniel Gould, Alumni
Sally Green, Associate Teaching Professor, Emeritus
Emily Greenwood, Associate Teaching Professor, ENVD
Andy Greer, Student, Engineering
Victoria Hand, Associate Professor, Mathematics Education
Emily Harrington, Associate Professor, English
Julia Harris, Student, ENVS
Danielle Harris, Student
Jill Harrison, Associate Professor, Geography
Alexis Heine, Student
Jennifer Hendricks, Professor, Law
Abby Hickcox, Faculty, A&S Honors Program
Griffon Hinton, Student, Law
Annika Hirmke, PhD student, Geography
Ruby Hodenfield, student
Chris Hoffman, Alumnus MBA 1980
Grace Holleman, graduate student, Religious Studies
Gwenyth Holloway, student
Robert Hopper, community member
Indie Howley, student
Nancy Huang, community member
Tamarah Humphreys, staff
Amani Husain, Alumna, PhD
Kelly Ilseng, Staff
Molly Jacobs, Alumni
Allison Jaggar, Emerita Professor
Ben Jamin, student
Victoria Janiszewski, student, NRSC
Olivia Jenks, student, Chemistry
Jose L Jimenez, Professor, Chemistry
Erik Johnson, Alumni
Joe Josleyn, Graduate student, MENV
Kristnya Kantnerova, Postdoctoral researcher
Brian Keegan, Assistant Professor, Information Science
Mariam Kefelew, student, IPHY
Abby Kellems, Student, Music composition
Eric Kennedy, Graduate Student, Geography
Heather Kenny-Duddela, Graduate student, EBIO
Alexa King, Student, ECE
Scott King, Alumni, Donor, Mission Zero
Shamika Klassen, Student, INFO
Tara Knight, Associate Professor, CMCI
Whitney Knopp, Student, Environmental Engineering
Tessa Konik, Alumni
Madeline Kornblum, Student
Cian Krueger, Student
Barbara Krupnik-Goldman, community member
Andrew Kumler, PhD candidate, ATOC
Chuck Kutscher, RASEI Fellow
Dylan Ladd, Graduate student, Materials Science and Engineering
Madison Lane, Staff
Andrew Lawrence, Student, Applied Math
Maureen Leehey, Faculty, Anschutz
Jed Lenetsky, Graduate Student, ATOC
Abigail Leppert, Staff, Residence Life
Harlie Lewallen, Student, Engineering
Mason Liddell, Student, Law
Tess Lieber, Alumni
Abby Liel, Professor, CEAE
Michele Lissoni, Graduate Student, Geography
Emma Loizeaux, PhD candidate, Geography
Kathy Ludwig, community member
Oliva Luyties, PhD candidate, Biochemistry
Quinn Lynch, Graduate student, Media studies
Tracey MacDermott, Staff, Anschutz
Kim Macdonald, Student, ENVS
Sima Marcus, Student, ENVD
Daniel Marini, Alumni
Brigid Mark, Student, SOCY
Dayton Martindale, PhD student, ENVS
Sujei Perla Martinez, Student
Chau McAusland, Staff
Christy McCain, Professor, EBIO
Abby McConnell, Alumni, 2020
Blake McDonald, Law Student
Melissa McElroy, Student, Law
Rebecca McHugh, Graduate student, EBIO
Christopher McNabb, PhD student, GEOG
Lily Meikle, Student
Michael Meinecke, Student
Brooklyn Merino, community member
Josephine Meyer, PhD candidate, Physics
Kay Meyer, MBA Alumna, 1993
Dain Miller, Alumni
Scott Miller, Adjunct Professor, Law
Becky Minkler, MBA Alumni
Matthew Minkler, Alumni
Samuel Mogen, Graduate Student, ATOC
Alex Morgan, Student, IAFS
Liliane Moura, community member
Natalie Mousa, Student, Law
Cleo Mueller, Student, Law
Maggy Mulhern, JD Candidate, Law
Kevin Mullan, Alumni
Aidan Murray, Student
Polly Murray, Alumni, CEAE
Galen Murton, Alumnus, 2017
Jackson Myers, Graduate Student, MENV
Vikas Nataraja, Student, ATOC
Catherine Newman, Student, PSYC
Elia Newsom, Teaching Assistant Professor, PWR
Peter Nichols, Alumni, Donor, Getches-Wilkinson Center Advisory Committee
Emma Nickel, Student, EBIO, CSCI
Grace Niuwendaal, Student
Jeanne Nijhowne, Staff
Suhashini Nijhowne, community member
Cara Nissen, Faculty, ATOC
Ruth Nowotny, student
Becky O'Brien, Alumna
Holly Olivarez, PhD Candidate, INSTAAR, ENVS
Beth Osnes, Professor, Theater
Zoe Painter, student
Deborah Palmer, Professor, School of Education
Manjeet Pandey, Student, CEAE
David Paradis, Associate Teaching Professor, History
Amelia Parcell, student
Rachel Paris, Staff
Maia Parkin, student
Reze Parsey, student
Noelle Paynton, student, EBIO
Nadav Orian Peer, Associate Professor, Law
Pablo Perez, Student, Law
Timothy Perrin, student
Mary Pettigrew, parent of student
Kevin Peurrung, Student, Law
Phaedra Pezzullo, Associate Professor, CMCI
Markus Pflaum, Professor, Mathematics
Adarsh Pillai, student
Sofia Pitcher, Student, ENVD
Diane Polizzotto, community member
Steve Pomerance, Alumni
Sarah Posner, Graduate student
Ana-Karina Potcoava, student
Deborah Prestianni, Staff
Nikolas Provost, Alumni
Katie Rae, Staff, Residence Life
Istiakur Rahman, Student
Sally Ann Ranney, Advisory Board, Gretchen-Wilkinson Natural Resources Law Center
Lia Rapka, Student
Evan Ravitz, Alumni
Adelaide Reader, Student
Colleen Reid, Associate Professor, Geography
Devon Reynolds, PhD Candidate, ENVS
Emily Reynolds, Graduate student, Linguistics
Katharine Rhoades, Student, CAEA
Penn Richmann, Alumni
Matthias Richter, Associate Professor, ALC
Sara Riggs, Staff, Libraries
Alyssa Ripley, Student, ATOC
Dane Robinson, Student, Engineering
Daria Roithmayr, Faculty, Law
Hailey-Rae Rose, Alumni
Maria Rosensweig, Student
Samantha Rothberg, PhD student, EBIO
Shawhin Roudbari, Associate Professor, Environmental Design
Emily Rugaber, Alumni, MBA
Rebecca Safran, Professor, EBIO
Rachel Saidman, Student, MENV/MBA
David Sandru, Student
Noura Sarsam, Student, Biochemistry
Serafina Scalo, Student
Mia Scara, Student, Leeds
Elsa Seterdahl, Student, Law
Neda Shaban, PhD student
Jonah Shaw, Graduate Candidate, ATOC
Sage Sherman, Postdoctoral associate
Kylie Shrank, Student
Joseph Shy, Student, Aerospace Engineering Sciences
Ilham Siddiq, PhD student, CEAE
Chloe Siegel, Community member
Mollie Strauss Simmons, Alumni
William Simmons, Funding parent of student
Natasha Smith, Graduate student
Jaden Snell, Student, APPM
Seema Sohi, Associate Professor
Shelly Sommer, Staff, INSTAAR
Barry Sparks, Alumni, Staff, Facilities Management
Mark Squillace, Raphael J. Moses Professor of Natural Resources Law
Emma Stine, Student
Niko Stone, Staff, Law School
Christian Suarez, Student
Bartek Susol, Alumni, MENV
Paul Sutter, Professor, History
Reid Swanson, Student
Beth Swartwood, Student
Tucker Swartz, Student
Julianne Tandberg, Student
Joanne Maris Tate, Student
Tobin Taylor, Student
Meg Tilton, Staff
Stephanie Tkacik, Graduate student
Madeline Todd, Student
Malena Toups, Student
Brianna Undzis, PhD Candidate, ATOC
Lauren Uram, Alumni
Vanessa Vaile, community member
Diego Valdivieso, student
Jesse Van Horne, Faculty ENVD
Tania Varesano, Graduate Student, Aerospace Engineering
Andrew Veselka, Graduate student
Sawyer Walcott, Student, Physics
Xi Wang, PhD Alumna
Mackenzie Warden, Law Student
Mikell Warms, Graduate student, ATOC
Jacob Watts, PhD student, EBIO
Emma Weber, student
Molly Weber, prospective student
Ezra Weible, Student, Biochemistry
Aris Wertin, Student, MCDB
Stephen Whitaker, community member
Shelby White, Student
Howl Wilson-Roussel, Student, SOCY, ETHN
Claire Winfrey, Graduate Student, EBIO
Laura Winkiel, Associate professor, English
Diego Woodward, student
Anna Wright, PhD student, ENVS
Tenzin Yangkey, PhD student, Geography
Emily Yeh, Professor, Geography
Marcia Yonemoto, Professor, History
Nancy York, community member
Kelly Zepelin, PhD Alumnus
Matt Zepelin, PhD Alumni

The Climate Action Fund was established in response to Chancellor DiStefano’s Call to Climate Action.  It provides the opportunity for donors to support the work of CU Boulder faculty and students working on climate action.  Donors can support existing programs or can donate to the general fund and have the Executive Committee prioritize the use of funds.