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In-person launch event of Hindsight’s Changing Skies Volume I Print Climate Change Creative Nonfiction Journal.


Boulder, CO, November 11, 2022- Hindsight will host its first Launch Event for its new journal Changing Skies. This event will take place on the University of Colorado Boulder campus in the University Memorial Center in room 235 on November 11th at 7pm. It features keynote speaker Scott King, whose Mission Zero initiative funded the production of Changing Skies. Join the Hindsight staff in celebrating the printing of Changing Skies featuring Creative Nonfiction writing and artwork related to the effects of climate change, these pieces come from CU Boulder students and beyond.

About the Speaker: Scott King is an entrepreneur who left early retirement when the perils of climate change compelled him to take what action he could. He’s putting his experience, resources, and optimism into Mission Zero, now in its second year at CU Boulder. Mission Zero is working to accelerate climate solutions by working with faculty and donors to support students working on climate action. The mission is to empower the next generation of leaders to tackle our climate crisis!

Scott King
Scott King, Mission Zero

HINDSIGHT AT CU BOULDER– Formerly Journal Twenty Twenty, Hindsight is a student-run creative nonfiction journal at the University of Colorado at Boulder, publishing personal essays, new journalism, memoirs, portraits, artwork, and more. Hindsight has added a second journal known as Changing Skies which brings attention to the climate crisis. 

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