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I wanted to do something, to take practical action. I considered what would happen if the climate crisis grew – it was bleak. I studied what we had done so far to stop climate change – it wasn’t enough.

But what could I do, one person, in the face of so much devastation? The problem was too big. I felt not only frightened, but hopeless. It was my ‘dark night of the soul.’

We all have this moment in our lives, sometimes more than once. And just like in the stories we turn to again and again, we are the protagonists who face down our own darkness to fight the enemy within and around us. We travel to the shadowy underworld and we return to the light. And It’s the journey of every ordinary person who finds that the right thing to do is sometimes the uncomfortable thing to do.

I’ve chosen to do what I think is right. I have created an initiative called Mission Zero, seeded by my family and myself, to improve society’s resilience to climate change and, more importantly, to champion carbon zero living. I hope to see it grow into a movement. In order to solve a problem as big as climate change, we need as many people working on it as possible.

Scott King, Founder of Mission Zero