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Climate Across the Curriculum

CUB Campus as a Living Learning Lab

Climate Across the Curriculum Toolkit

CUB-Based Resources

NEST Campus Field Guide : A PDF guide on species relationships at CUB

CU Environmental Center Project-Based Learning Hub for Sustainability

  • Web page with interest forms forthcoming.  To receive this information for Fall 2022, email
  • The E-Center aims to facilitate project-based sustainability learning at CU Boulder by streamlining the logistics of campus sustainability projects and fostering academic and operations connections.  The Hub will engage students in applied learning experiences while helping staff improve CU Boulder’s sustainability performance.  If faculty have a need for a guest speaker, tours, or project ideas, please register with the Hub to explore the relevant opportunities that connect campus to the classroom.

Relevant Climate Documents and Resources

Upcoming Climate Exhibits

About Climate Across the Curriculum

Full toolkit here:

Climate Across the Curriculum (CAC) is a summer faculty training opportunity for CU faculty to broaden their knowledge of climate and plan to implement new climate action subjects into their course work. The development will focus on:

  • Improving climate and sustainability competency
  • Networking with and learning from peer educator
  • Workshopping lesson plans in a supportive space
  • Reflecting on how to navigate difficult conversations
  • Touring campus as a Living Learning Lab
  • Gaining climate pedagogy resources

Summer 2022 CAC Program Training Document

Mission Zero is proud to partner with the decades of climate experts at CU Boulder’s Environmental Center and the C3BC faculty to support the faculty training & development of the most cutting-edge climate curricula in the US.