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About Mission Zero

Mission Zero funds and supports students working on climate action. By working with faculty and donors, we are empowering the next generation of leaders to tackle our climate crisis.

We are partnered with the University of Colorado at Boulder, who is leading the way in climate education and solutions.

Today, Mission Zero is in its third year at CU and in the 2024/25 academic year will be focusing on 2 main cornerstone events: 

  1. CU Sustainability Summit: an event for students to show off with climate solutions where all students are invited to interact along with faculty and the community.  
  2. Climate Across the Curriculum: a workshop and support for university faculty to incorporate climate change into their existing class curriculum. 


The K-12 Climate Action Intern will have the opportunity to connect local K-12 teachers and students to climate justice actions. They will work with the staff of Classrooms for Climate Action (C4CA), local municipalities, CU faculty and students, local businesses, and other stakeholders to link K-12 students to climate solutions and climate justice focused actions.

 Activities and skills you will learn range from: 

  • Connecting to K-12 teachers
  • Co-creating project based learning opportunities
  • Linking student learning to local climate action
  • Engaging multiple stakeholders
  • Collaborating with local decision makers
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Leadership
  • Writing grants
  • Creating content for C4CA’s website and social media 

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Create and implement K-12 climate action projects with C4CA
  • Create video & photo content for C4CA
  • Connect student learning to climate justice work being done by frontline communities

Your key performance indicators (KPI) to help measure success will be: 

  • Connecting K-12 teachers and students to local climate action
  • Documenting and creating content for these actions


About You

  • You have some experience working or volunteering with K-12 students.
  • You are willing to engage with multiple stakeholders.
  • You are interested in supporting local educators.
  • You’re passionate about climate action, sustainability, environmentalism and human equity.
  • You’re an excellent communicator and collaborator, someone who is able to build trust and credibility through honest, direct communication.
  • You have a high EQ and know how to collaborate with different types of personalities and cater communications to different audiences.
  • You maintain a polite, helpful and friendly demeanor in adverse conditions.


Our ideal candidate will:

  • Embody our shared values professionally and personally:
    • Democratic Governance: everyone has a voice, and we respect the rule of law.
    • Truth: don’t mislead people, don’t mislead yourself.
    • Equality: we have equal rights to resources and opportunities. You understand intersectional environmentalism.
    • Contribution to Public Good: when we support our communities, our communities support us. 
    • Empathy: be helpful, be nice and listen to each other.
    • Accountability: our actions match our words.
    • Climate Change Critical: the ranging calamities from climate change are imminent and devastating to humanity.
    • Personal Responsibility: all global citizens must move toward carbon zero lifestyles through systemic change and have access to climate solutions that are relevant to their communities.
  • Possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit with desire to seize the opportunity and be a part of this most critical movement.
  • Be currently enrolled full time at the University Of Colorado at Boulder during the fall of 2024.


We are looking for full time students currently enrolled at The University of Colorado at Boulder for the fall 2024 semester. Preference is given to sophomores and juniors, with the intention of having interns with us for a minimum of 2 school years. The position will be for 10 hrs per week maximum. The role will be a combination of in-person and remote work. 



  • $25 per hour
  • Up to 10 hours per week maximum during the school year


If interested, please email with your resume and cover letter.  

We will be in touch soon with next steps.